Examples of content that require censorship

  • 1. Genitals or any objects serve a similar visual purpose.
  • 2. Anuses when inserted by any foreign objects.
  • 3. Showing the body's internal view of the body including the urethra and rectum.

How to add censorship for explicit content

 For black/white content: Use a monochrome bar (black/white) to cover the area which requires censorship.

 For colored content: Use mosaics/pixelation to cover the area, the strength is parallel to the resolution of the area that requires censorship. The higher the resolution, the bigger the pixelation.


  • 1.生殖器或者類似視覺效果的功能的物件
  • 2.被其他物體插入的肛門
  • 3.任何身體內部的畫面(包括尿道和直腸等)