We are currently unable to implement the following features for the new version of Hiccears. We will improve these functions and add them to our website.

1. Fast reply (New comments).
This feature is mainly for content creators to reply to comments without going to individual pages. We are unable to complete this feature at this time and we will work on adding this after the new version of the website is stable.

2. Adding illustrations inside Novels and blog posts.
All previous illustrations inside a novel will stay. Please be careful when you attempt to edit the novel and do not change anything within the HTML tag.

3. My subscription.

Due to the new layout of the home page, the My Subscription page will not be accessible for the time being. In order to view the content you have purchased, please click on the wallet button at the top and then click "purchases"(www.hiccears.com/purchases). In the future, we will be creating a new dedicated page for the content you purchased to give users a better viewing experience.

4. Following/Favourite folder.

The folder function is temporarily disabled. We are working to improve this function so that it is easier to use and view. Your previous settings will be saved and will be accessible when the function after it returns


1. 快速回复


2. 小说(以及随笔)中添加插图


3. 我的订阅

由于新版本界面大改,我的订阅界面暂时无法直观的为你显示你所有购买的作品。如果想要阅览您购买的作品列表,请点击右上角钱包按钮,下拉框里选择“购买” (www.hiccears.com/purchases)。我们会认真制作一下“我的购买”页面,能够让您舒畅的阅览您所购买的作品。

4. 关注/收藏的分类夹